Marin Heinritz

Marin’s retreats offer so much—rest, welcome, deep listening and deeper work, a gentle guidance and presence, and so much tenderness. She is an excellent teacher, skilled in group dynamics, clear and non-judgmental. I have come away (reluctantly!) from her retreats feeling like a new person—refreshed, energized, and ready. Thank you, Marin, for your presence in the world!

~Martha D.

Marin's workshop was a transformational experience. Through the work — the writing exercises, the stretching, the questions, the readings, the rituals, the dancing, and Marin's thoughtful treats — I received so much more. I also got insight, warm fuzzies, and much needed deep sleep. Marin is positively gifted in creating a program where individual journeys can happen while at the same time providing structure and leadership for a group. ~Ruth L.

The retreat was a perfect balance of meditative yoga, group sharing, self reflection, and rest. Marin had her finger on the heartbeat of our group, orchestrating the schedule that best suited the group’s personality. Marin is extremely gifted, knowledgeable, compassionate, and creates a space for openness, connectivity, and personal growth. A weekend at Gilchrist with Marin is one of the best choices of self care I could have made and I will definitely do it again!

~Rachel L.