​​Passion: Writing 

Marin Heinritz

Photos by Michael Melendez

Passion: Yoga  

The creative impulse is the divine spark in each of us. We are here to create, period. Writing has been my path to knowing the world, understanding myself, and making meaning of both. For many of us, writing emerges as a need, a deep desire to understand the world and the self, and to study and observe both as an objective witness.

Regardless of form or genre, writing is connection, a relationship between writer and subject, and then when shared, a relationship between writer and reader. These connections have the potential to cultivate compassion across boundaries and to make our lives more fulfilling and meaningful.

Imagination is evidence of the Divine.

~ William Blake

Yoga is so much more than a sequence of postures in which we place our bodies. It is a complete holistic system, not contingent on any particular religion or worldview, that provides practical tools to become more present, connected, aware, conscious, loving, and kind—with regard to ourselves and to others. Simply put, yoga is the best way I know for leading a joyful life.

Ultimately, yoga is about inner freedom, being sure of oneself regardless of circumstance, and knowing the external world intimately while being impervious to external forces. Yoga helps us tap into our true heart’s desires and fulfill our highest potential, thus transforming the world.